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Affidavit Form Templates

What is affidavit form?

The affidavit form is used to prove that whatever you are claiming is true. It is a legal document which is signed by you in front of a notary public. If you are using the affidavit form, you are required to speak the truth that will be written down in this form.

When to use the affidavit form?

This form is used when you are going to sign a legal contract with the other party and you are required to declare a statement under the oath. It can also be used when you want the person signing the contract with you to declare the statement that will become legal responsibility of that person to prove that statement to be true.

Although the affidavit form is used to document a legal promise, it can be used anywhere in the presence of notary public. Signing the affidavit form is not a legal process, unlike other legal documentation.

All you have to do is to state something, swear it and then note it in this form for signing. It is easy to use the form that requires you to provide the facts, mention the date of giving the facts and then signing it.

How to write an affidavit?

  1. The affidavit form should include the basics of the legal statement or oath that you are going to take. The headings, the name of defendants, plaintiffs etc. should be included in the form.
  2. Since you are going to write a statement in this document, you should give an appropriate title to your statement.
  3. The details provided in the form should be left aligned.
  4. The details of the person making the affidavit should be given in the form.
  5. Include the details that are relevant to the form, for example, the address of the affiant, the DOB of the affiant, relationship and a lot more.
  6. If you have a number of facts to describe in the form, you can number all of them in a sequence.
  7. Each fact should be described concisely.
  8. Create the signature block.


Affidavit Form Template



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