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Freedom is the most beautiful feeling in life. And we all do efforts to achieve the independence we want for our self. The way we need the independence to make our own decisions and freedom to achieve whatever we want, we even want freedom in our finances. No one wants to be hooked on paying their debts forever and have sleepless nights to worry about our finances.

We are very aware of cash management, financial and investments decisions in the corporate sector. But we need cash management in our day-to-day life as well. To do well in our lives and have a secure future, we need to have a keen look at our spending, expenses, and earnings. Personal finance is a term recently introduced. Researchers and scholars have proposed ways and strategies to get a hold of your personal cash.

Keeping a budget seems a hard activity and it stresses you for no good reason. But at the same time, it is very important to create a budget and follow it strictly. Categorizing all your payments is very important. You should know how much you spend on your rent, food, and clothes. If you have no record, you will never be able to control your cost and improve your finances.

Once you have a budget in place, you can monitor your expenses. Controlling your expenses in the first place can be a wrong step. You can never cut down on your expenses until you have the bigger picture. A good cash management strategy needs to have the cash inflows as well as the outflows. Once you have all the necessary information, it makes it easy for you to cut down the expenses which are not needed.

We all enjoy when we get a pay rise and what is the first thing that we do? We just raise our standard of living without giving it a thorough thought. One of the best strategies that I use more than often is to avoid keeping cash with me. I just keep cash for emergency situations like enough money for a ride, a meal or a phone call. Keeping extra cash with you makes it easy for you to pay for everything you see while walking past a shopping mall.

Using credit or debit cards and making payments in check can be easy and secure. It reduces the chances of theft or robbery. But at the same time, it is very important to record these transactions so that you can remember your personal cash management.

A good way to remember the payments paid or received by check is to maintain a checkbook register. The checkbook register will mention the check number and the date of the check number. A brief description of the reason for the transaction should also be mentioned. The account details such as the debits and credits should be written down as well along with the remaining balance.


Cash Register Template


Check Register Sample


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