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Damaged Goods Acceptance Notice Template

Highly reputed business and remarkable companies are the most profitable one. They enjoy eminent value in the world and generate great revenues quickly. In order to maintain the good reputation, these companies and organizations focus much on their customer’s satisfaction. Those who take the satisfaction of customers for granted make the biggest mistake ever.

Providing quality stuff, amazing and flawless services, on-time delivery and satisfying queries are the best and exciting methods to win the customer’s heart.

When you make a contract with the supplier then you are expecting that the products would be delivered to you in100% original state. But, somehow any sort of damage during transit or any other reason can make you disappointed. When a supplier delivers your order and on viewing it, you come to know that the products or goods are damaged. Damaged goods can be returned in the specified duration after delivery.

If you are buying the products from the supplier for the business purpose then ensure that the defect should not be minor. See the contract in order to know about these points. If you wish to keep these damaged goods, then you should use the professional method of informing them and also discuss the discount. The official document which the company sends to the supplier on receiving damaged good is known as ‘’Damaged Goods Acceptance Notice’’.

You can use this notice to protect your position in the market. This notice gives you the opportunity to re-negotiate about the contract price. It lets you inform the supplier that you are accepting the goods on the discounted price or deducting the specified amount of the contract order.

You can even mention the product detail which you found defected after receiving it. The response of the supplier to this notice resolves this delicate matter quite easy.

Our professionals design the Damaged Goods Acceptance Notice in the most professional way. Keep your hands on it by simply downloading it. Edit it and fill out all the blank fields. You may even take the print out of it in order to use it when required.


Damaged Goods Acceptance Notice


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