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Defective Goods Notice Template

A supplier is responsible to send the goods of high quality to the buyer. Sometimes, the defective goods are sent to the buyer intentionally. When the goods purchased are in bulk then the supplier may get the advantage of this opportunity and may send some defective goods. The buyer surely takes it into notice after receiving the goods.

Receiving defective goods undoubtedly leaves a bad impact on the status of the supplier. Such suppliers are not considered trustworthy and companies refrain to deal with them in future.

Companies try to be cautious and give preference to the supplier who delivers goods in the original form. An important fact to know is that sometimes the goods quality products are shipped by the supplier but during transit, they get defected or damaged.

Whatever the reason would be, the receiver of defective goods gets the right to send the Defective Goods Notice to the supplier. It makes the supplier aware of the issue.

This notice mentions the description of defective goods too and gives the right to the buyer to return these defective goods to the supplier at the expense of supplier. You may also claim the original products in the replacement of such damaged goods.

In addition to this, the buyer may choose to demand credit or adjustment for it. This official document is of great significance. Every reputed company/organization should keep their hands on the most professionally designed Defective Goods Notice Template in order to sort out any issue which arises from the defective goods.

Customize it by adding the company name and logo to it. Attach the copy of the receipt along with this official notice.

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Defective Goods Notice Template


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