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Employee Absence Schedule 2018-19

Employers value various skills and characteristics in employees. One of those skills is attendance. Most of the employers expect their employees to have good work ethics but a trained employee will always be valued and will be appreciated for his work ethics. Work ethics include teamwork, respect, appearance, confidence, learning capacity, and attendance.

In recent years, the employers have changed the way they look at their employees. When hiring new employees, they not only look at the education and experience, but they also look at the work ethics that an employee possesses. Every skill that an employee has matters, but being regular at work is one of the most important aspects of a business to grow.

Employees coming on time, being attentive to work and leaving on time are not only following the rules but also maintaining good work ethics. Attendance at work does not only mean coming to work every day, it also means to stick to your work, follow work schedule, make sure to achieve the deadlines and be at work for the required and the agreed time.

Finding a new job can be a challenge and during such exercise, the attendance of an employee can be one of the most important factors that an employer might look at. When employers ask for references, attendance can be one of the factors that the employer might question about. If you have attendance problems, even being an ideal employee, you can lose out on the job.

Habitual absent employees become a burden for the company and their colleagues as well. Such employees can affect the company in various ways. Getting a temporary replacement can be time taking and costly for the company. It will also overburden the other employees which might result in low morale for the employees.

Maintaining an employee absence schedule can be good for the company. It can help to provide further information regarding the attendance and the payroll as well. Absence or leave can be of various types such as the sick leave or a casual leave. The reason for the leave should be mentioned as it will help to determine the leave type. Absence schedule can be prepared for all employees every month.


Employee Absence Schedule Template


Employee Absence Schedule 2018-19


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