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Employee Overtime Record Sheet

Getting the profit is the main aim of every business. Companies hire a number of employees as per their need. Employees have to work their duty hours in order to become eligible for getting a salary. When all employees work for their specified hours, which is generally 8 working hours, then at the end of the month, they get a salary from the HR department. Companies also provide an opportunity to the employee to earn some extra amount besides their basic pay by serving them for extra hours or days.

Record of Overtime:

Employees who spent their extra hours for serving the company are basically working for the benefit of the company. In an industry where employees are manufacturing the goods, they can manufacture more amount of goods when working on off days and for extra hours.

Production department ultimately gets an advantage in terms of monetary values as more goods are produced. Hence, the company motivates the employees by giving overtime wage to the workers.

Majority of the employees wants to earn more hence they get enrolled in this activity. While a few workers work only for the duty hours. The HR department is responsible for keeping and maintain the record of overtime of employees. Hence, they opt for the professional method of using the Employee Overtime Record Sheet so that company gives the salary to the employees as per their overtime.

Elements of the Sheet:

It includes all the necessary data regarding the overtimes. Details about the employee involve the name of the employee, his employment ID number, his designation and the department in which he is working.

Likewise, for the overtime details, consider mentioning the dates of overtime, extra hours of work, payment per hour and total payment for overtime.

This employee overtime record sheet needs to be maintained on a monthly basis. It facilitates in keeping the records for a year. HR department approves the overtime payment after viewing it. It is also an indicator of the employee performance that how much time does a particular employee served his company. It represents the zeal and enthusiasm of employee towards his company.


Employee Overtime Record Sheet


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