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Leave Request Email to Boss

Do you want to take a leave from the job and feeling difficulty in writing the text? No worries at all! We believe in making you feel relaxed and comfortable by sorting out this problem.

Taking leaves is one of the basic needs of employees. But consuming time in writing it is a tedious task. Avail leave from your boss through this leave request email template. Even the undergraduates can easily take the aid of this sample and enjoy the leave instantly.

The nature of leave varies from situation to situation. It may be a sick leave, casual leave or any other leave. Attaching reference document with the email is significant as it leaves a strong impact on approval.

It is seen that the boss often considers that the leave request is fake. So, the professional way is to explain the nature of leave along with the proof. It strengthens the trust relationship between the employee and boss.

Sample Email

Subject: Leave Request

Respected Sir, I am sending you this email to inform you about an urgent task for which I have to take off from my job. I have to attend the marriage ceremony of my friend [or specify any other reason as per your need]. My presence is quite necessary over there. Hence, I am unable to come to my workplace from [mention the starting date of leave] to [mention the last date of leave]. I have to go out of the city to attend this ceremony and make some preparation as well.

I am attaching the marriage card [or any document as per leave nature] along with email for the reference purpose. I also invite you to join us and give me a chance to serve you. Kindly, grant me leave on these mentioned days.

Hope you will comprehend the urgency of this leave request. I shall be grateful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours Truly,

[Mention your name]
[Mention your designation]
[Mention your employment ID]


Leave request email to boss

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