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No Objection Certificate Templates

The organizations of any country are a means of sense and security for that country. It is an area with many obligation and duties and each organization tries to fulfill all necessary and basic needs of people for their healthy and sound life. They ensure to maintain a balanced environment in which everyone lives prosper and healthy life. For this, they maintain certain rules and regulations and that must be followed by everyone.

Rules aren’t applied seeing discriminations and therefore every individual is ordered to abide by the principles of society. This is for the betterment of society. Among many other duties of an organization, a major task adopted by them is issuing NOC to its people. No objection certificates are issued by organizational bodies to those who seek clearance.

Clearance of any person that is an employee or an individual of the certain institute is very important. It makes his identity flawless in the sight of others. There are many cases when people require this no objection certificates but the nature of all of them is same.

It is to make the people free from all allegations and objections. Sometimes a person wants to resign from one institute to get employed somewhere else. In this case, the new organization demands from that person no objection certificate (NOC) be satisfied with the person’s reputation.

This is obvious that the company require employees who are free from any kind of official accusation so that the reputation of the company may not get tarnished. So, this legal certificate NOC will clear any doubts the company holds against its employees. It is by the employee’s previous company clearing the employee’s personality.

Similarly, these NOC’s are demanded by governmental bodies as well. Clearance of individuals is very necessary. No objection certificates are also issued to the buildings by legal authorities after examining them thoroughly for any kind of violation. If they don’t find any disturbing situation and are satisfied with the work done they issue a NOC to that specific department.

The format used for writing a no objection certificate is same in almost all organizations. The content may differ as per the needs and demands and nature of work for which the company is issuing the certificate.

A typical no objection certificate starts with the content body that explains the purpose of writing it. It mentions the name of the person against which the clearance is been made. The company explains that the person is having no dues on him and he is free and clear of all duties from the company.

Further, the no objection certificate mentions the date, signature, and name plus the details of the company. It mentions the company name and its address. This must be very clear so that the receiving company instantly gets to know which organization the employee was previously working in.

These are the essentials that are included in every no objection certificate. A person can make amendments in the content where he explains the basic reason for issuing the certificate.


No objection certificate


No objection certificate


No objection certificate template


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