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Notice of Forfeiture Template

If any property or premise is found liable for the criminal activity, then the federal government or the local government seize that property. This process is known as Forfeiture.

There are several scenarios when the government has to seize the property because criminal activity was being carried out over there. For instance, if a person grows weed on his property then he gets arrested by the police. Not merely, the police would arrest the owner of the property, but also seizes the property too.

Government seizes the property without paying even a single penny to the owner and also has the right to not return the property to the owner.

House, shop, showroom, commercial building, boat, net cash, airplane, bank account, vehicle, and company are the properties which can be forfeited by the government or police if any sort of criminal activity is reported there.

The notice of forfeiture is the legal document which the government or police sent to the property owner in order to inform him that his asset has been found to be involved in the criminal activity. Hence, we have sealed and seized your property. It is far better to be responsible for your asset and to keep it in focus that everything taking place in the property is according to the law. No violation should be there.

It is obvious that a person makes an asset, such as company, home or business by investing much of his capital, time and efforts in it. But, you may lose your asset merely because some sort of illegal activity was carried out there. Try to be cautious and abide by the rules. Else, not only the owner would be penalized but he has to lose his property as well.

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Notice of Forfeiture Template


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