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Office Cleaning Checklist

Life either at home or in office is equally indispensable. One cannot omit the essential tasks in any of them. His presence and responsibility in official matters are equally important as that in household tasks. For this reason, as a person wants comfort and balance in life at home, he does need comfort in office too otherwise his performance will be affected.

Therefore, if a company or organizations want 100% performance from its employees it should provide that soothing and comfortable environment in which he will work in. Among many other factors, one major and important factor is the cleanliness of his surroundings. A person’s mind automatically feels relaxed when his surroundings are clean and tidy. Untidy and dirty environment disturbs many people.

The cleaning is a tiring and tough job both at the home and in the office as well. But it is comparatively tougher in commercial areas like offices because of various divisions and timing frame.

Normally the cleaning in offices is done when the employees and especially the senior management is not present. Thus, the time spared is either the night or the break hours. Cleaning the commercial areas is such a crucial phase because of the busy schedules, therefore, office cleaning companies are hired to do this job.

Even though they are well trained and experienced but the management and supervisors of the office should always maintain a checklist of office cleaning tasks.

If the office is not cleaned properly the productivity and efficiency of employees are highly affected. Therefore, maintain office cleaning checklist in Excel spreadsheets or use the already built-in templates in Excel about this office cleaning checklists or use any software tool which suits you best.

The online templates about office cleaning checklist are always useful and handy because you can modify them in whichever way you want. You can also add more points if you want and omit things that aren’t included in your office. Normally all these checklists created by different offices and business are the same because nearly every other office contains the same things. Few things that are generic and included in the checklist of all offices are as following:

  • Empty the waste bins regularly.
  • Vacuum the office carpets and maps.
  • Dusting off all furniture placed in the office like chairs, desks, laptops, PC etc.
  • Proper cleaning of glass in offices like the glass windows and tables.
  • Proper spraying of insect killing sprays.
  • Clean the ceiling fans, AC’s, walls and cabinets.
  • Proper cleaning of washrooms, placing anything needed in it like towels, soaps or hand washes.
  • If there are elevators or stairs clean them up properly.

The cafe or mess should be properly hygienic and clean. This is the most important part of cleaning a house or office. This is the place where your food is prepared and it demands your proper head and time to clear it up.

These are few things to mention in an office cleaning checklist. A person can give more details and include more points if necessary.


Office cleaning checklist


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