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Office Maintenance Checklist

Workplace & Cleanliness

Doing jobs and working is one of the basic needs of our life. Most of the people do a lot of research before choosing for a job. Over the times, the trends have changed. Now people not only focus on salaries and job designations, rather people focus on job environments and workplace atmosphere.

Office culture, workplace personalization affects the morale and productivity of employees. Multinationals such as google always tend to attract employees from around the globe due to the workplace diversity they offer. Natural lighting to office furniture, everything affects the employees.

Employee productivity has always been debatable and various theories and discussions were put in place to increase it. Employee schedule and performance reviews do help is assessing the employees but as per the new research only these things do not matter. Productivity can be increased to up to 16% by providing the employees with a comfortable well ventilated, well-lit and safe working environment.

A clean home gives a lot of peace and tranquility to our mind. In the same way, a clean work environment improves our productivity and creativity. A clean space can make an individual feel more peaceful and relaxed. Various research has been conducted on the effects of a cluttered workplace. It has been proved that a cluttered workplace can cause mental clutter as well.

On a 24-hour day, we are spending at least half of our time in our office. Sometimes, our colleague falls in sick and after a few days, even we catch that disease. It is important for the office to be clutter free but at the same time, it is also very important to be hygienically clean. For any business owner or company, it is very important to provide your employees with a clean environment. Regular cleaning can help the office space to be free of germs and bacteria’s, which will improve the air quality and help to maintain a healthy work environment.

About Template

An office maintenance schedule can be prepared by the cleaning staff. It can help to devise and put a plan in place for the office cleaning. All the tasks should be written in the form of the list including every area of cleaning. The frequency of each task should also be written. Some tasks should be done daily and others can be done less frequent. The tasks should also include the name of the person taking charge. This makes it easy to know who’s doing what.


Office maintenance checklist template


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