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Refusal to Accept Delivery Notice Template

One may refuse to accept the goods by taking the aid of notice named as Refusal to Accept Delivery Notice. If you do not wish to accept the goods or products shipped to your doorstep then you may refuse to accept it by informing the supplier or the company who sent you these goods.

Refusal to Accept Delivery After Making Payment:

Usually, the products are shipped after the payment has been made for the order. If you placed an order and sent the amount for the goods purchased then it is obvious that the products would be sent to you. In case, when you send the payment in the form of a check and received the goods which are no longer of your interest then you may refuse to receive it. Send the refusal notice along with it, mention the reason for refusal.

Claim for Money:

You can also claim for the refund of the payment. If you refuse to accept the products and the company has taken the payment for the order, then you can claim for the return of your money through this notice. You may also mention the number of days for this procedure. If the company does not respond positively in a satisfactory manner or fails to send your payment, then you have the right to take legal action against the company in order to get your money back.

If the company cashed your check and you sent back the products then claiming the money is of keen importance. It also depends on the terms & conditions set by the supplier.

Mention the Reason of Refusal:

Surely, there would be a reason for rejecting the products. Whatever, the reason is, mention it clearly in the notice so that the company would be aware of it. It is to your benefit to write down the reason. There may be any fault in the goods or any trust issues with the company.

Reference Details:

Give the reference of the purchase order no. and the check no. by whom you made the payment. It would facilitate the company in tracking and verification. So, that they could sort out the issue on a priority basis.


Refusal to Accept Delivery Notice


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