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Sales Commission Calculator

Running a successful business or organization requires potential two-way traffic. A single icon with no interactivity with its peers or surroundings won’t last much in the environment. Therefore, maintaining healthy relationships with others is very important for any official or organizational life.

One key essential task in official work is how a company interacts with its buyers and offers its goods and services to them. This department is of utmost importance as a company depends on its buyers and their satisfaction with your services and products defines your company’s efficiency. Thus, managing your sales with your potential customers should be your priority. And with this dealing comes a concept of commission.

What is Commission?

A commission is a fee or payment given to a person who negotiated the deal between a buyer and a seller. This is a very important entity in any sale your company conduct. The way he/she present your product or service to the buyer has an impact on whether the customer is going to buy anything from your company or not.

The customer will always approach someone who is presenting services that fulfill all his requirements with the appropriate amount. Therefore, if your product has been explained properly, the chances of the deal become great. For all the efforts this third-party financial agent or broker put in confirming your deal, you pay a certain amount of selling price to him. The commission rate or percentage is pre-decided and as the deal is done between two parties it is to be given to that person.

Calculating Commission

As technology has automated almost everything and things have been much easy to handle now, this key feature of sales is also simplified. For calculating how much commission you will get from a particular sale, sales commission calculators are introduced.

These calculators are provided online and everyone can instantly calculate their commission. Furthermore, if someone wants to add more features in calculators and update or enhance them according to their own needs, they can get custom ones as well.

Calculators with generic functionality are available because normally everybody calculates few basic things but exceptions are always there. It is up to the parties how much percentage they decide for the commission and you simply have to put few things to calculate your commission.

Sales Commission Calculator

The sales commission calculator normally asks about the total sales price the buying and selling parties have agreed upon plus the commission percentage. Upon filling both fields, calculate your commission for this specific sale. There is no hard and fast rule to be followed while calculating the commission, just add the fields properly with accurate digits to get proper results. There is a simple formula to calculate your commission for any sale as well. If you are not using the calculators, you can calculate your commission using that formula as well.

The formula to calculate commission is as follows:

Commission (from sale) = Total Sales amount * Commission rate [percentage]

Use the Sales commission calculator and it would simplify your work and comes handy with large calculations and sales.


Sales commission calculator


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