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Stock Transfer Form

When you want to transfer your shares, you will be in the need to fill stock transfer form. The form contains the details about the seller and the buyer of the shares. It also includes the amount of money that the buyer has paid and the type of shares that have been transferred. The stock transfer form template can be used to transfer your shares with ease.

When to use the stock transfer form?

  1. This form can be used while transferring your shares to a tax-efficient vehicle.
  2. If you want to transfer your shares to your spouse, you can use this form.
  3. When an existing shareholder dies, his shares are required to be transferred to someone else. For this purpose, this form is used.
  4. Stock transfer form is also very useful when you want to change the corporate structure and you are in need to transfer the whole stock to another company.

Before you transfer your shares to someone, it is important to have complete details about everything related to stock transfer.

There are different forms that can be used for transferring stocks because sometimes there are restrictions on sharing the stock and sometimes not. Depending on how much freedom you have been given for sharing your stock, you can choose the form with the appropriate structure.

How to use stock transfer form?  

There are series of steps in which the whole process of transfer procedure takes place with the help of stock transfer form.

  1. In the first step, the seller is required to fill this form and sign it.
  2. This form is sent to the buyer who also fills the details relevant to him and signs the form.
  3. The transfer form is then sent for Stamping to give it a professional and legal value, however, it is not necessary.
  4. Before sending the form for stamping, some other relevant documents are attached to it which is checked by the board of directors who decide whether to approve the transfer.
  5. If the transfer is approved by the higher authorities, then the transfer takes place.


Stock Transfer Form


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