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Timesheet Templates

A timesheet is a useful tool to record the number of hours worked by an employee. Timesheets these days are prepared digitally using spreadsheets. Most of the workplaces mark the attendance of the employees by the time cards every employee owns.

The timesheets came into use during the 19th century when they were developed for employers to manage their payroll. But later, the timesheets were used for various purposes such as managing accounts.

The intent of a timesheet can vary from organization to organization. A timesheet can be used as an invoice for the customers or it can even be used to study the pace of work performed by the employees.

A timesheet records the starting and ending of the workday. So, the main aim of a timesheet is to record the working hours

Bi-weekly timesheets do not have complex formats but they can hold and provide valuable information. The purpose of weekly timesheets is not to track a person, but to refer to recent or previous activities for various purpose. Weekly timesheets can help a manager to allocate the resource to future projects based on their performance.

A timesheet records the starting and ending of the workday. So, the main aim of a weekly timesheet is to record the working hours. A timesheet can also be used to analyze the completion of tasks. It has information which can be used by the payroll to calculate the hours worked, and it can also help the management to make decisions regarding the efficiency of an employee.

Some tasks are project-based and are temporary in nature. Timesheets can be highly important for such projects as it helps to monitor the variance between the planned and actual results.

Manually marking attendance can be time taking and frustrating as well. An employee might not be at work but his attendance says otherwise as his friends might mark his attendance. With the use of timesheets and cards, this can be controlled. Not only does it save time, but it also a better and effective way to monitor the hours worked. Timesheets and time cards automate the work so it minimizes the risk of a discrepancy.

As the payroll becomes automated, the company can save up money and grow its revenue as the people are only paid for the correct services and valid invoices. This will also increase the speed of payments made to the employees.


Weekly Timesheet Without Break

Weekly time sheet without break


Weekly Timesheet with Break

weekly time sheet with breaks


Weekly Timecard

Weekly Timecard Template


Weekly Time Card

Weekly Timecard Template


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