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Monthly Archives: August 2017

MS Word Meeting feedback form template

Meeting Feedback Forms

What is Meeting Feedback Form? A meeting feedback form is such a form in which the personals who attended the meeting, share their views about the meeting that which part of the meeting was the most beneficial one and how to bring the improvement. In

Delivery Order Forms-1

Delivery Order Forms

What is Delivery Order Form? A delivery order form is such a document from the owner, agent, freight carrier or a consignee which gives the order for the release of transportation of cargo to the other party. It will help the company and organization to

MS Word Pregnancy verification form template

Pregnancy Verification Forms

What is Pregnancy Verification Form? A pregnancy verification form is indeed a form which is designed to make the couple pleased by giving them the good news of becoming parents soon. The pregnancy verification form is filled when the expected mother visits the hospital and

MS Word Meeting Minute Template

Meeting Minute Templates

What is Meeting Minute Template? A meeting minute template is a significant document to keep the track of proceedings such as staff meeting, board meeting or informal committee meeting. It is indeed a great facility for the companies and organizations to quickly make notes regarding

MS Excel Employee Information Form Template

Employee Information Forms

What is Employee Information Form? An employee information form is an important form which contains all the mandatory data about the employee working in the company. All reputed and prestigious companies have the record of their employees through the employee information form. The employees have

MS Excel Expense Claim Form Template

Expense Claim Forms

What is Expense Claim Form? An expense claim form is a detailed form having the information regarding the expenses which the finance department approves or disapproves. Any sort of expense which the company has to bear regarding the lunch, meeting, traveling, refreshment, repairing etc. The

Mileage Log and Expense Report Template

Vehicle Mileage Logs & Expense Reports

What is Mileage Log and Expense Report? The mileage log and expense report is a significant report of the company which provides the details regarding the travel expense. It is the basic requirement of every company to maintain their mileage log and expense report properly.

Equipment inventory sheet template

Equipment Inventory Sheets

What is Equipment Inventory Sheet? An equipment inventory sheet is such a beneficial sheet which lets the company and organizations track the financial status and the physical condition of the equipment of their reputed company. It includes enormous mandatory information on it such as purchase

Absence request form template

Absence Request Forms

What is Absence Request Form? The absent request form is the prior notification for taking leave before the commencement of leaves. It is an official way of taking leaves from the office, company or organization where one is working as an employee. Through this form,

Employee Profile Template

Employee Profile Templates

What is Employee Profile Template? The Employee Profile Template is a staff profile having all the details of the staff members working in one’s organization, company or institute. It includes sufficient crucial details about the employee. HR department would find it to be the most

Customer Information Sheet

Customer Information Sheets

The customer information sheet is a sheet that is intended to comprise all the mandatory information regarding the customer. It is a method to collection such rudimentary data which can be used when required and found to be the beneficial one. Many of the tops

School Calendar Template 2017 18

School Calendars 2017-18

What is School Calendar 2017-2018? The School Calendar 2017-2018 is one of the highly desired and popular calendars which commence from the August of 2017 and are extended till the month of June 2018. These are made to make the life easy and convenient by

Restaurant MANAGER checklist template

Checklist Templates

A checklist or a to-do list is a very common everyday tool. It proves to be a very useful document for anyone who has trouble or organizing the time or project. Just by using this checklist all the tasks can be divided and navigated according