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Daily Archives: September 15, 2017

Time and Attendance sheet template

Time and Attendance Sheet

What is the Time and Attendance Sheet? The globally accepted system which keeps the record of work commencing and finishing time of the employees is the Time and Attendance System. This system is a great one and considered as the most accurate too as it

Petty cash log template

Petty Cash Log Template

What is Petty Cash Log Template? A petty cash log template is a significant document for the official use. It lets you manage the petty cash of your esteemed and reputed company. It is beneficial for the business to have the petty cash log in

Employee annual leave record sheet template

Employee Annual Leave Record Sheet

What is Employee Annual Leave Record? Almost all the organizations and companies throughout the globe assign annual leaves when the staff members have successfully served a year to the reputed and esteemed organization. The annual leave granted to the employee is taken by him as

Employee absence schedule template

Employee Absence Schedule

What is Employee Absence Schedule Template? The companies and organizations hire many of the employees in their reputed and esteemed business setups. They enjoy different designations and serves the company. The employee gets various leaves in a year depending upon the nature of issue or