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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Customer feedback card

Customer Feedback Card Template

Customer feedback card: A carefully prepared customer feedback card is very useful for the customers because it helps them give their valuable feed about the services and the products of the company. This card is also very useful for the company because it can know

Time off request form

Time Off Request Form Templates

Time off request: The time off request form is used to track the requests of the employees that they do in order to get the time off.  When a business has a number of employees, managing the time off request becomes crucial. The basic objective

Every Type of Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

Vehicle Bill of Sales

What is a bill of sale template? Are you tired of searching for the bill of sale template that fulfills your needs and suits you the best? If yes then stop searching further as we provide the most marvelous and fabulous bill of sale template

Delivery Invoice template

Delivery Invoice

A delivery invoice is a commercial document which is used in businesses around the globe. It is issued by the seller and is presented to the buyer and relates to the sales transaction while holding the details related to the products being delivered, its quantities, and

Excel monthly billing invoice statement template

Billing Statement Templates

What is a billing statement template? For the industrial companies or sellers, it is important to have the billing statement template as it facilitates them for management of customer account and invoice tracking. It keeps the record of every transaction that has been made by

Promissory Note Template

Promissory Note Templates

What is the Promissory Note Template? The promissory note template is a legal document which is of extreme importance. It is basically an agreement between the debtor and money lender. It can be considered as a financial instrument which guarantees that the debtor would pay

Release of liability form template

Release of Liability Forms

The release of liability forms: The release of liability form acts as a contract between two parties. One of the parties is the releasor while the other is the release which is legally liable. This form becomes a legal document when both parties sign it.