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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Employee Overtime Record Sheet

Employee Overtime Record Sheet

Getting the profit is the main aim of every business. Companies hire a number of employees as per their need. Employees have to work their duty hours in order to become eligible for getting a salary. When all employees work for their specified hours, which

Cost Tracker template

Cost Tracker Template

Our lives have become really stressed due to the social pressures we face every day. People will tell us to save money for our future, buy land or invest in successful companies. All these theories might be true but spending money can have its own

Chore payment schedule

Chore Payment Schedule Template

Running a business can be hard and so can be a company. We consider running successful companies or even businesses as a challenging task. But managing a home successfully can be a task which needs a lot of attention and effort. A big company has

College Expense Calculator

College Expense Calculator

Parents are quite concerned about the education of their children. They want their kids to be highly educated in order to compete smoothly with the competitive world and the upcoming challenges. The financial status is one of the key elements that need to be considered

Monthly Business Expense Calculator

Monthly Business Expense Calculator

Businessmen have to deal with enormous problems on a routine basis. Successful are those who find out the solution to problems quickly. In a business, not only running a business smoothly is of main concern. But, it is also of great concern to solve out

Event expense calculator

Event Expense Calculator

There are enormous special events in one’s life that are close to him. These may be family oriented or religious events. People eager to celebrate the events in the most exciting way. They are zealous and enthusiastic about its celebration. The celebration of an event involves

Family Monthly Expense Calculator

Family Monthly Expense Calculator

The responsibility of bearing the expenses of a family is no doubt one of the biggest responsibilities. People who know the right use of their money and maintain a balance between the income and expenses live a healthy life. There are several expenses for a

Wedding expense calculator

Wedding Expense Calculator

The wedding is one of the most special parts of everyone’s life. If you are engaged and planning a perfect wedding then you need to be much focused on the preparation. Wedding preparations undoubtedly excite the people but on the other hand, there exists a tension to complete the wedding shopping according

Controllable time worksheet

Controllable Time Worksheet

Time management is a very crucial key to success. From students to professors, from doctors to engineers, time is a very important factor to achieve heights in life. With the delay of only one second, a whole army can be killed and the battle can

Cash Register Template

Check Registers

Freedom is the most beautiful feeling in life. And we all do efforts to achieve the independence we want for our self. The way we need the independence to make our own decisions and freedom to achieve whatever we want, we even want freedom in

Office cleaning checklist

Office Cleaning Checklist

Life either at home or in office is equally indispensable. One cannot omit the essential tasks in any of them. His presence and responsibility in official matters are equally important as that in household tasks. For this reason, as a person wants comfort and balance

Balance sheet with financial ratio

Balance Sheet with Financial Ratio

A balance sheet is a useful tool to show the snapshot of a business at a specific point in time. The balance sheet is not prepared for the internal users but it has a wide range of stakeholders looking upon it and based their decisions

Weekly Timecard Template

Timesheet Templates

A timesheet is a useful tool to record the number of hours worked by an employee. Timesheets these days are prepared digitally using spreadsheets. Most of the workplaces mark the attendance of the employees by the time cards every employee owns. The timesheets came into

Monthly expense report worksheet template

Monthly Expense Report Worksheet Template

In this day of record and construction, things that undergo a poor planning or maintenance are a high risk of failure. People are adopting new ways of doing same old tasks and they are enjoying and feeling comfortable with the advanced technology has brought with

Party Planner Worksheet Template

Party Planner Worksheet Template

Our lives these days have got so busy with study and work. Due to these monotonous routines, people start building stress in their lives and end up in becoming very anti-social. Meeting our friends can be one of the most cherished moments of our lives.