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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Sales commission calculator

Sales Commission Calculator

Running a successful business or organization requires potential two-way traffic. A single icon with no interactivity with its peers or surroundings won’t last much in the environment. Therefore, maintaining healthy relationships with others is very important for any official or organizational life. One key essential

Vehicle maintenance checklist

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

For a long-lasting and balanced life of any object, it deserves proper maintenance and care. Things that are taken for granted and not looked after timely may lose their actual position and sometimes reach a point where it becomes unable to repair them. For this

Office maintenance checklist template

Office Maintenance Checklist

Workplace & Cleanliness Doing jobs and working is one of the basic needs of our life. Most of the people do a lot of research before choosing for a job. Over the times, the trends have changed. Now people not only focus on salaries and

Daily Activity Log

Daily Activity Log Templates

A healthy and comfortable life demands your proper organization and forethought of tasks. People who plan the future and not just the time they are living in are considered intelligent members of the society. Keeping tracks of future events and plan those on prior basis

Employee absence schedule 2018-19

Employee Absence Schedule 2018-19

Employers value various skills and characteristics in employees. One of those skills is attendance. Most of the employers expect their employees to have good work ethics but a trained employee will always be valued and will be appreciated for his work ethics. Work ethics include

No Objection Certificate Word

No Objection Certificate Templates

The organizations of any country are a means of sense and security for that country. It is an area with many obligation and duties and each organization tries to fulfill all necessary and basic needs of people for their healthy and sound life. They ensure

Vehicle Mileage Log Template

Vehicle Mileage Log Templates

Life is a combination of living and nonliving objects. Everything is in its complete perspective through a cycle which is called its life cycle and many things occur in that period. But everything comes to an end whether it’s a living thing or a nonliving

Employee id card templates

Employee ID Card Templates

Every organization around the world works on certain rules and regulations. It is nearly impossible for any department to run properly on ad hoc basis. There is planning, design, implementation, deployment, and maintenance of every project. And all these disciplines contain further tiny details that

Credit Memo Invoice

Credit Memo Invoices

The department of accounting has a significant place in business and organizations and its functions are to be implemented clearly and properly so that there remains no confusion and disturbance. Credit memo invoice which is basically Credit memorandum invoice is a strong feature of buyer

Stock Transfer Form

Stock Transfer Form

When you want to transfer your shares, you will be in the need to fill stock transfer form. The form contains the details about the seller and the buyer of the shares. It also includes the amount of money that the buyer has paid and

Leave request email to boss

Leave Request Email to Boss

Do you want to take a leave from the job and feeling difficulty in writing the text? No worries at all! We believe in making you feel relaxed and comfortable by sorting out this problem. Taking leaves is one of the basic needs of employees.

Presentation Feedback Form Template

Presentation Feedback Forms

Presentations are a mean of giving deeper and clearer insight into the details of any project or program. It is essential to demonstrate and explain all the details of the project to the team that is involved in it. Whether the presentation is a project,

Event feedback form Template

Event Feedback Forms

Events are a source of entertainment, information, and knowledge. A lot of events are held nowadays about education, health, fashion, art, literature, and food. These events are held by the professionals to spread the knowledge about their fields to the common people. Arranging an event

Quitclaim Deed Template

Quitclaim Deed Template

Deeds are generally the legal instruments that are used for transferring the real estate. Basically, deeds are of three types which are the special warranty deeds, general warranty deeds, and quitclaim deeds. People must encounter some sort of deeds at some stage of their life.

Letter to confirm verbal order

Letter to Confirm Verbal Order

For every organization, it is necessary to send a document or letter to the supplier in order to confirm the order which was verbally placed. People love to approach the companies which provide the shipping facility to them. In this modern world of technology, business