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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Packing slip template

Packing Slip Templates

Companies ship their goods to other companies or organization by using a significant document named packing slip. The packing slip is also known as a bill of parcel or waybill. This document is being sent with the shipment. It includes the detail of goods that

Bill of lading template

Bill of Lading Templates

A legal document which provides the details of the items or goods that are being transported to the recipient is known as Bill of Lading. This document needs to be signed at various points of parcel delivery process. The prime person to sign the bill

Employee record change form

Employee Record Change Form

What is Employee Record Change Form? Organizations and companies get great facilitation from one of the most efficient HR tools which are named as Employee Record Change Form. This form allows the employees to change their information when required. Filling and submitting this form to

Projected balance sheet template

Balance Sheet Templates

What is Balance Sheet? A balance sheet is the main interest of every business. The business owner rapidly gets the snapshot of the cash flow of his company through the balance sheet. He can even determine to make modifications in the business by viewing the

Quarterly sales report template

Quarterly Sales Report Template

Sales report is a significant document for a company. The performance of the company or organization is depicted in the sales report. The quarterly sales report represents the sales growth or volume and the trends of sales followed in the last three months. A company

Small business inventory template

Small Business Inventory Template

The purpose of all businesses is to earn a profit. A business generates revenue through the selling of goods or offering services. In case of business concerned with the selling of goods, it is necessary to maintain the stock. The excess stock is kept at

Purchase Request Form

Purchase Request Form

Going to the grocery store and purchasing a few household items is the simplest example of a purchasing. If the quantity of items to be purchased gets larger you might even think of listing them down as to avoid any important item being missed out.

Bulk purchase depreciation calculator

Bulk Purchase Depreciation Calculator

Both assets and liabilities are the part and parcel of a company. Assets are the objects or elements which are bought for the benefit of the company. Almost all sorts of assets have to experience depreciation with the passage of time. Depreciation is the reduction