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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Request for Contractor Recommendation Letter

Introduction and Recommendation Letters

Introducing a Business Friend Date: 00/00/0000 Dear Mr. XYZ, I have great pleasure in introducing to you, the bearer of this letter, Mr. XYZ, of the well know firm of XYZ & Sons Ltd., [Address, City, State], who is visiting Oslo to take up a

Offering Trade Recommendation Letter

Trade Recommendation Letters

Referring to the Trade Reference Letter Date: day/month/year Confidential Dear Sirs, M/s Hadi of Amsterdam have pleased an order with us for goods valuing $ 68,000 and have your name as one of the references .we shall be grateful for any information you give to

Payment Voucher 1

Free Payment Voucher Template

Payment voucher as evident from its name is a simple document that acts as a proof to show someone about the dealing that occurred in a business institute. It can also be called as a receipt of payment made by the trader for making payment

Expense Reports Template

Free Expense Report Excel Template

An expense report provides a detailed record of costs incurred during the course of any business-related activity. It can also be used for documenting any expense for which an employee needs to be reimbursed. For instance usage of gas for job purpose, meeting with clients

Lawyer Notice Regarding Payment

Miscellaneous Payment Letters

Lawyer Notice Regarding Payment REGD, A.D Mr. Moeez Advocate Date: day/month/year M/S: Hameez Trading Co. Dear Sirs, Under instruction from and on behalf of my clients Mr. Hadi Bros, [City] [State], I write to say as follows: That in compliance with the order placed by

Standard Bill of Sale Word Template

Standard Bill of Sale Word Template

“Bill of sale” as it is evident from its own name that it is a bill or a receipt used when someone sells a valuable item i.e. car, heavy-duty machinery, pets, farm animals or property. This type of documentation is usually not done for an

Reminding Letter of Payment

Friendly Reminding Letters of Payment

Reminding letter of Payment Hadi & Co. Address City, State, Zip Postal Code Date: 00/00/0000 Messrs: Hameez Traders Address City, State, Zip Postal Code Dear Sirs, While going through our records we find that we have not received payment of our statement of account no.

Credit Control Report

Credit Control Sheet Template

It is normally seen in all business settings that items are sold and services are provided on the basis of credit. Thus this makes it important to have an efficient system to manage credit for ensuring that all payments are made on time and on

print compliment slips microsoft word

Compliment Slip Template

Compliment slip is a piece of paper used by certain companies as a substitute for a cover letter. They send this paper to their costumer either as a reply to a certain query or simply as greetings with the sent item. This is an informal

Sending Part Payment Letter

Payment and Collection Letters

Whatever is the reason for the delay in payment, it is bound to be a source of annoyance to the supplier, yet, and it is in supplier’s own interest not to vomit this annoyance in his letter. Unless the buyer expects statements of account, a

Complaint letter about poor service provider

Complaint Letter to Supplier for Poor Service

Complaint to Supplier about Shortage of Goods Hameez and Co. Address City, State, Province Zip Postal Code Date: Day/Month/Year Messrs: Moeez and Brothers Address City, State, Province Zip Postal Code Dear Sirs, Our Agents M/s Abdul Hadi & Co. have today delivered us eight cases

Letter to Landlord to Reduce Shop Rent

Letter To Landlord To Reduce Shop Rent

Letter to landlord to reduce shop rent is a significant request letter which depicts the problems of a shopkeeper. It represents the poor business condition of the shopkeeper. Establishing a business is easy but running is quite tough. Rental shops usually have to experience the

Hospital Bill Receipt Template

Hospital Bill Receipt Template

Hospital bill receipt is what a person gets when he visits a hospital to avail health services. The bill is handed over to him after his visit is complete. This bill resembles a cash receipt in many ways yet contain certain changes to meet the

Organizational skill assessment form

Organizational Skill Assessment Form

Administration of an annual individual performance assessment is a must for an organization to flourish smoothly. It can be accomplished via circulating a review form in the office to ensure the achievement of the future goals of the organization. Evaluation forms can be considered as

Credit Check Release Form

Credit Check Release Form

There are some points in our lives where we make some stable decisions such as when you think to buy any car, sign for a property, buy a house or any other thing that needs money or is anyhow involved with money, there you need