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Daily Archives: April 23, 2018

Letter to Landlord to Reduce Shop Rent

Letter To Landlord To Reduce Shop Rent

Letter to landlord to reduce shop rent is a significant request letter which depicts the problems of a shopkeeper. It represents the poor business condition of the shopkeeper. Establishing a business is easy but running is quite tough. Rental shops usually have to experience the

Hospital Bill Receipt Template

Hospital Bill Receipt Template

Hospital bill receipt is what a person gets when he visits a hospital to avail health services. The bill is handed over to him after his visit is complete. This bill resembles a cash receipt in many ways yet contain certain changes to meet the

Organizational skill assessment form

Organizational Skill Assessment Form

Administration of an annual individual performance assessment is a must for an organization to flourish smoothly. It can be accomplished via circulating a review form in the office to ensure the achievement of the future goals of the organization. Evaluation forms can be considered as