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Daily Archives: April 25, 2018

Credit Control Report

Credit Control Sheet Template

It is normally seen in all business settings that items are sold and services are provided on the basis of credit. Thus this makes it important to have an efficient system to manage credit for ensuring that all payments are made on time and on

print compliment slips microsoft word

Compliment Slip Template

Compliment slip is a piece of paper used by certain companies as a substitute for a cover letter. They send this paper to their costumer either as a reply to a certain query or simply as greetings with the sent item. This is an informal

Sending Part Payment Letter

Payment and Collection Letters

Whatever is the reason for the delay in payment, it is bound to be a source of annoyance to the supplier, yet, and it is in supplier’s own interest not to vomit this annoyance in his letter. Unless the buyer expects statements of account, a

Complaint letter about poor service provider

Complaint Letter to Supplier for Poor Service

Complaint to Supplier about Shortage of Goods Hameez and Co. Address City, State, Province Zip Postal Code Date: Day/Month/Year Messrs: Moeez and Brothers Address City, State, Province Zip Postal Code Dear Sirs, Our Agents M/s Abdul Hadi & Co. have today delivered us eight cases