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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Complaint about Stray Dogs

Complaint about Stray Dogs

Complaint about Stray Dogs Stray dogs on my street are a very big problem. They welcome every stranger or passer-by with a loud bark. Their barking is not only disturbing but also highly frightening. These dogs, nearly ten to fifteen in number, have partial control

Essay about Practical Jokes

Essay about Practical Jokes

Essay about Practical Jokes A practical joke is a “trick played upon a person to annoy him and to amuse others.” Practical jokes are pleasant as long as the persons ridiculed are not hurt physically or put to any serious material loss. The most appropriate

solicit support Proposal Template

Solicit Support Proposal Template

Writing project proposals are all about how can you ask your organization to act on your plans. You might want to carry out a project someday but u may not have enough money for that. In such a case you write a proposal which is

Project Grant Proposal

Project Grant Proposal Template

For writing a proposal one must have a complete understanding of the topic about which he is going to write a proposal. A complete grip on the subject will help him in defending himself when he is asked questions about it. Writing a proposal is

Mortgage Proposal Template

Mortgage Proposal Template

Mortgage proposal is a document written in order to let the other person know of your intentions. A lender often writes the proposal to explain the terms and conditions under which he will provide the loan. The person who wants money can go through these

Housing Development Proposal Template

Housing Development Proposal Template

If you are an owner of a construction business then writing a proposal would be very important for you. For your business to grow you need to come up with different ideas. Later comes the difficult part which includes making others believe your idea. For

Real Estate Inventory List

Real Estate Inventory List Excel

In the real estate business, some words are more commonly used than others. One such word is “inventory”. Inventory is a word frequently used for the list of houses that are on sale.  This list contains a raw estimate of all of the real estate

Business Plan Presentation Template

Business Plan Presentation Word Template

For a business to flourish it is necessary that one creates a more realistic and accurate business plan ahead of taking any step. Not enough planning is often considered one of the major reasons for the downfall of a business. Although it should be noted

Letter to Parents Requesting for Consent

Letters Regarding Marriage

Letter to Parents Requesting for Consent Date: DD/MM/YYYY My Dear XYZ, Please give me the honor of addressing this letter to you. I consider it the duty of parents to take full care of their children and guide them on the right path in their

apartment for rent advertisement

Letters Between Landlord and Tenant

Advertisement in Respect of a House to let TO LET:- A Residential flat with four rooms, one drawing room, one kitchen, separate bath, two garages and one storeroom in North Canterbury [Locations and Address of flat]. Power fitted in every room. Drawing room and one

Letter for Enhancement of Rent

Letter for Enhancement of Rent

Letter for Enhancement of Rent Landlord Name Address, City, State Phone: Date: DD/MM/YYYY To: Tenant Name Address, City, State Phone: Subject: Enhancement of Rent Dear Mr. XYZ In view of the additions made to your flat, which have involved a great expense, it is necessary

Commercial Vehicle Lease Agreement Form

Commercial Vehicle Lease Agreement Form

If you have got the money you would like to invest it in order to make a profit. One of the best ways of investing money is that you buy property with it. Now that property may not be a necessity for you currently but

Supervisor Performance Feedback Form

Supervisor Performance Feedback Form

If you are someone who has to supervise work of your employees you might think that you are doing a great job, but this might not be the case in the perspective of your employee. So in order to correctly evaluate yourself, you need to

Letter to the Health Officer for Negligence of Sanitary Inspectors

Public Interest Cover Letters

Council Membership Acceptance Letter Youth Council of United Nations City Date: DD/MM/YYYY Dear Mr. XYZ I am glad to inform you that the council has been pleased to accept you as a member and will expect of you to take an active part in its

Letter for underprivileged children Charity

Letter for underprivileged children’s charity

Letter for underprivileged children’s charity XYZ Youth Club Address City, State, Zip Postal Code Phone: Date: DD/MM/YYYY To: Mr. M. K Adam ABC Enterprises, Address City, State Phone: Dear Mr. M. K. Adam I write to you for a cause, which is one of the