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Daily Archives: May 10, 2018

Stop Payment of Lost Cheque Letter

Banking Correspondence Letter Sample

Requesting the Customer to Close His Account Date: DD/MM/YYYY Dear Sirs, I regret to say that I have today returned your cheque no. 3847563 dated 10th August, for $ 8, 3975.89 issued in favor of Hameez Traders, as unpaid owing to lack of sufficient funds

Application for Overdraft Facility

Banking Correspondence Letters

Request Letter to Bank for Opening a Current Account Date: DD/MM/YYYY Manager [Bank Name] Ltd, Dear Sir, We wish to open a current account in the name and style of [Company name] a registered partnership concern. Please let us know what formalities are to be

Temporary Will Form Sample Template

Temporary Will From Sample Template

“Will” also called a power of attorney is what you write whenever u have assets in the form of property or any other valuables and you want to divide them among your beneficiaries after your death. It basically allows you to control what happens to

Multiple Projects Performance Report

Multiple Projects Performance Report

A performance report is required for keeping track of all the items which are directly or indirectly related to the work you are doing. It is very significant as it allows you to evaluate whether the methodology you applied for carrying out a certain task

Marketing Projects Performance Report

Marketing Projects Performance Report

Project performance report can assist in coming up with the time limit given by the client for carrying out a certain task. It is important for the stakeholders as it provides them with the information about the current status of the project, the time frame