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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Request Letter to the Mayor for payment

Public Correspondence Letters

Request Letters to the Mayor for Payment The Mayor, Municipal Corporation, City, State, Subject: Payment of various arrears. I have made several requests for the payment of various arrears of amounts, in your subordinate offices but to no avail. Not to talk of payment, even

Request Letter to Bank for Issue Bank Guarantee

Banking Correspondence Letters to Customers

Request Letter to Bank for Issue Bank Guarantee Date: Day/Month/Year Dear Sir, Our clearing agents M/s Hadi and Co. have informed us that 27 bags addressed to us have arrived from Texas SS Elma. The bill of lading and other documents have not yet been

Training Instructor Feedback Form

Training Instructor Feedback Form

If you are a training coordinator who is in charge of managing the relationship between a trainer and the students you would certainly need to devise ways to evaluate that. Your evaluation would be majorly focused on whether or not the trainers are doing well

Lease Agreement Amendment Form

Lease Modification Agreement Form

Nowadays it is seen commonly that people lend their property either residential or commercial for mutual benefits. The person who pays the rent or lessee gets to use the property without buying it and the lessor, in this case, makes some money out of his

Corporate Event Evaluation Form

Corporate Event Evaluation Form

To organize an event you need to put all your effort and energy. Organizing an event successfully leaves you with a very small margin of error. You have to take into account every single detail so that nothing goes wrong because of that small miscalculation.

Condolence Letter on Death of Someones Mother

Condolence Letters

Condolence Letter on Death of Someone’s Father Address, City, State Date: DD/MM/YYYY Dear Mr. XYZ It aggrieved me to learn that you have lost your father. It was indeed shocking. I express my heartfelt sympathy and pray to God to grant you the power to

Sympathy Letter for Losing a Job

Sympathy Letters

Sympathy Letter to Friend on his Long Aliment Address, City, State My Dear XYZ, When I knocked at your doors some time back, your wife told me that you were in the hospital. Neither did your wife attach any seriousness to this ailment, nor did

Sympathy Letter for Loss in Business

Sympathy and Condolence sample Letters

Sympathy Letter for Loss in Business Address, City, State Date: DD/MM/YYYY Dear Mr. ABC It pained me to learn that you have had a big loss in your business. This loss should not, however, upset you. Forget that you had earned this amount. If you

Stop Payment of Lost Cheque Letter

Banking Correspondence Letter Sample

Requesting the Customer to Close His Account Date: DD/MM/YYYY Dear Sirs, I regret to say that I have today returned your cheque no. 3847563 dated 10th August, for $ 8, 3975.89 issued in favor of Hameez Traders, as unpaid owing to lack of sufficient funds

Application for Overdraft Facility

Banking Correspondence Letters

Request Letter to Bank for Opening a Current Account Date: DD/MM/YYYY Manager [Bank Name] Ltd, Dear Sir, We wish to open a current account in the name and style of [Company name] a registered partnership concern. Please let us know what formalities are to be

Temporary Will Form Sample Template

Temporary Will From Sample Template

“Will” also called a power of attorney is what you write whenever u have assets in the form of property or any other valuables and you want to divide them among your beneficiaries after your death. It basically allows you to control what happens to

Multiple Projects Performance Report

Multiple Projects Performance Report

A performance report is required for keeping track of all the items which are directly or indirectly related to the work you are doing. It is very significant as it allows you to evaluate whether the methodology you applied for carrying out a certain task

Marketing Projects Performance Report

Marketing Projects Performance Report

Project performance report can assist in coming up with the time limit given by the client for carrying out a certain task. It is important for the stakeholders as it provides them with the information about the current status of the project, the time frame

Plumbing Invoice Template

Plumbing Services Receipt Template

Business forms are a necessity for running any kind of business. Out of these forms, the most commonly used is invoice. A company when provides any sort of service it also charges for it whereas on the other hand, the client who has to pay

Lease Extension Agreement Form

Lease Extension Agreement Form

It is a common practice that property owners lend their property to another person. The person using the property also called as lessee pays rent to the owner also known as lessor. The details of the rent to be paid and the conditions under which