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Absence Request Forms

What is Absence Request Form?

The absent request form is the prior notification for taking leave before the commencement of leaves. It is an official way of taking leaves from the office, company or organization where one is working as an employee. Through this form, the employees inform the HR department and the higher authorities about their anticipated absence and about the nature of the leave.

Company Logo and Company Name:

Our absence request form provides you the perfect location for the display of company name on it. In addition to this, the company logo, which is the real identity of the company is also displayed on the form.

Duration of Absence:

This section is of great importance as it lets the company aware about the exact duration for which an employee is taking leave from work. The date from the start of leave till the last date of absence would be mentioned on it.

Nature of Leave:

The option of the type of leave requested such as sick, vacation, jury duty, military, bereavement, maternity, paternity, time-off without pay etc. is available in the absence request form so that the company gets the idea about the nature of leave which an employee is requesting to take. Another option is also present over there which is the reason to leave. The employee has to mention it too.

Absence Request Form In MS Word Format:

In order to download the absence request form for your company or organization, all you need to do is to simply click on the button given below. Download it and use it for getting noticed about the employees upcoming absence in advance.

Word file format: Fill out the information on the slots mentioned in the word file format.

Instantly printable: Fill all the blanks and get the print of this form instantly.

Blank sample: It is a reusable form that can be used whenever is required.

Intuitive design: It is the professional design having all the mandatory options and fields mentioned on it. The clear and simple design.

Fully customizable: Edit it the way you want.


Absence request form template


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