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Annual Leave Spreadsheet Template

What is Annual Leave Spreadsheet?

The annual leave spreadsheet is an official document which is used to track the record of employee’s leave. All kinds of leaves such as casual, medical, holidays taken for vacation etc are mentioned on the sheet. This list aids the organizations in knowing the status of all the leaves of their staff. Many of the large organizations found it quite useful to use a professionally designed annual leave spreadsheet. Small companies also consider to use it for their ease.  It eases the HR to properly calculate the salary.

Company Details:

The name of the company for whom the sheet is being used should be mentioned at the top.Display the name of the company along with the adorable logo of it. It grants an identity to the spreadsheet and depicts the professional appeal as well. DO mention the other details related to a company such as a phone number, address, fax number etc.

Employee’s Detail:

It is quite hard to memorize the holidays that an employee has taken in a year. Both the organization and employee cannot recall it. The annual leave spreadsheet contains the list of employees. The name of all employees is mentioned on the sheet. The purpose of mentioning the employee name is to have an accurate record of the leaves taken.


Mentioning the date is the key factor that should not be forgotten while designing the annual leave spreadsheet. Mention the starting date of the leave and the end date for each employee. The dates vary from employee to employee. Mention the dates accurately.

Total Number Of Leaves:

Besides mentioning the date of each leave, do mention the total number of leave. The field of total leaves aids the company in having the record of all the leaves taken by the employees at a glance. One does not need to calculate the leaves. Hence, the spreadsheet becomes more efficient and professional. It also saves much of the time which could be wasted in a manual calculation.


Annual Leave Spreadsheet template


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