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Absence request form template

Absence Request Forms

What is Absence Request Form? The absent request form is the prior notification for taking leave before the commencement of leaves. It is an official way of taking leaves from the office, company or organization where one is working as an employee. Through this form,

Employee Profile Template

Employee Profile Templates

What is Employee Profile Template? The Employee Profile Template is a staff profile having all the details of the staff members working in one’s organization, company or institute. It includes sufficient crucial details about the employee. HR department would find it to be the most

Customer Information Sheet

Customer Information Sheets

The customer information sheet is a sheet that is intended to comprise all the mandatory information regarding the customer. It is a method to collection such rudimentary data which can be used when required and found to be the beneficial one. Many of the tops

School Calendar Template 2017 18

School Calendars 2017-18

What is School Calendar 2017-2018? The School Calendar 2017-2018 is one of the highly desired and popular calendars which commence from the August of 2017 and are extended till the month of June 2018. These are made to make the life easy and convenient by

Restaurant MANAGER checklist template

Checklist Templates

A checklist or a to-do list is a very common everyday tool. It proves to be a very useful document for anyone who has trouble or organizing the time or project. Just by using this checklist all the tasks can be divided and navigated according

Homework Schedule Template

Homework Schedule Templates

Even though homework is hated by most of the students, even then no one can deny the importance it has in our education. Homework has a long-lasting history and takes us back to the time when education was limited to reading, writing, and arithmetic. The

Fax Cover Sheet Template

Fax Cover Sheets

Even after such a drastic change in technologies and the methods of communication in and out of the organizations, the fax machine is still used in many leading industries as one of the few reliable methods of communication. For this purpose, fax cover sheets are

SWOT Analysis Template

SWOT Analysis Templates

A SWOT analysis is commonly used in businesses, especially in the planning, market analysis, project management, individual development and organizational change stages. This analysis proves to be a greater help in situations where strategic planning is needed to reach an objective. There is much other

Lesson Planner Template

Lesson Planner Templates

Lesson planner is an educational document that is used by teachers so that they can present a detailed explanation of either the method of instruction or the course to be completed in the desired period of time. This planning of a teacher is called a

Hotel Incident Report Form

Incident Report Templates

An incident report is a form that is used by entities when they come across any accident or incident. Usually, it records the details related to accidents like a gas explosion, dangerous occurrences, injury to any employee, security breach or any other such unforeseen event.

Letterhead Sample for MS Word

Letterhead Templates

A letterhead is a tool used in businesses for a variety of purposes. This serves as an official standard stationary sheet for an organization and allows the management to type any letter for official communication. This reflects the company’s branding like logos or any special

Certificate of Completion Template

Certificates of Completion Templates

The certificate of completion is a formal document that is presented to anyone who has completed something or a task. This something can be anything like a training class, a project or a learning program. As we know that everything that starts has to end

T Ledger Account Sheet

General Ledger Templates

A general ledger is the set of numbered accounts for the purpose of accounting records of an entity. It stores a complete record of financial transactions throughout the life of the organization. Usually, the information related to accounts for assets, liabilities, equity, expenses, and revenue

Job Description Template for MS Word

Job Description Template

A job description is a document that helps in defining the duties of the newly hired staff. This enables every employee to know what they are responsible for and what they will be held accountable for. Apart from mentioning the details of the level of

Income Statement Template for MS Excel

Income Statement Template

Income statement, profit and loss statement or statement of operations are widely used in all businesses along with the balance sheet and cash flow statement to assess the company’s financial position for a specific period of operation. This statement basically summarizes company’s revenue and expenses