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Balance Sheet Templates

What is Balance Sheet?

A balance sheet is the main interest of every business. The business owner rapidly gets the snapshot of the cash flow of his company through the balance sheet. He can even determine to make modifications in the business by viewing the balance sheet. The financial information is displayed on the balance sheet. Get the details of what the company owns and its worth.


A balance sheet depicts the mandatory financial information of business such as assets, liabilities, and equity.The assets include the details of petty cash, employee advances, inventory, prepaid expenses, accounts receivables, cash and temporary investments. In addition to the current assets, the company includes some fixed assets and other assets such as patent, trademarks, security deposits etc. The company gets the accurate balance of whole assets after filling the fields of current assets, fixed assets, and other assets.


The obligations which the organization or the company have to pay are referred to as liabilities. Its further categories are current liabilities and long-term liabilities. What the business owes become the part of liabilities. It includes business credit cards, mortgage payable, sales tax payable, notes payable, payroll liabilities, accounts payable etc.


Another major aspect of the balance sheet template is the equity. It is necessary to depict the equity of the company in the balance sheet. The equity is responsible for telling the company about its worth. It is beneficial to have more equity. Companies can compare the equity of a number of years in order to determine their progress over the past few years. Deduction of liabilities from the asset provides the value of equity. It includes net income, opening retained earnings, capital stock, dividends paid etc.

Designing of Balance Sheet Template:

Companies should keep their hands on the most professionally designed balance sheet template. It includes the company name, company logo, sophisticated design, proper date, cash flow details such as cash inflow and cash outflow, asset, liabilities, and equity.


Balance sheet template


Projected Balance Sheet

Projected balance sheet template


Opening Day Balance Sheet

Opening day balance sheet


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