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BCG Matrix Template

BCG matrix is mainly required by the organizations who have more than one product in line competing for the resources. It has a potential of performing a number of different functions which might include strategy, marketing as well as portfolio planning.

BCG matrix can be considered as a tool which by the use of effective utilization of growth rate of various product lines produced by any organization in addition with the relative market share assesses the relative strength of specific products in the portfolio of a brand.

In other words, we can safely say here that if you are working with more than one products at the same time the BCG  matrix enables you for not only getting a quick overview of your product’s current status but also it aids in creating a basis for future analysis.

Usually, the products are divided into four different categories by BCG matrix tool i.e. Cash cows, Stars, dogs and Question marks.

  • Cash Cows: This is where a company owns a fairly high market share despite the slow-growing industry. These units generate more cash than required for maintenance of the business.
  • Stars: These, on the other hand, are when a company has a high market share in a very fast growing industry.
  • Dogs: These are the type of units that show a relatively low market share in a slow-growing industry. In other words, cash generated in enough for carrying out the business.
  • Question marks: This is usually the starting phase of every new business. The units have a low market share in a high market growth. They, however, retain the potential to grow with time.

This division aids in the quick identification of the product that requires attention and ultimately helps in a modification of investment strategy.

We have templates available for you that help you in portfolio analysis of the products owned by the organization in real time. These are so handy and easy to use that they require only a minute to set up. After you have completed the matrix this can be used for assessment of the strength of your company and its products portfolio.


bcg matrix template


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