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Bill of Lading Templates

A legal document which provides the details of the items or goods that are being transported to the recipient is known as Bill of Lading. This document needs to be signed at various points of parcel delivery process. The prime person to sign the bill of lading template is the seller. The next is the shipping company representative to sign the template. Ultimately, the buyer signs the bill of lading at the time of receiving the parcel of goods or shipment.

The bill of lading is a significant document which protects recipient, seller, and shipper. In case of any issue in delivery, the bill of lading can aid in to find out the exact point at which the problem occurs.


It is necessary to mention the date on which the bill of lading is being written. It facilitates the record keeping and depicts the professional appeal too. Mention the invoice number on the template. The invoice number varies from shipment to shipment.

Ship From:

The perfectly designed bill of lading contains a special field of the ship from. One need to mention the details of the seller in the ship from the portion. The ship from contains the element name of the seller, the address of the seller and contact number of the seller.

Ship To:

The ship to is an important element of a bill of lading template. One needs to mention the details of the buyer. The recipient or the buyer details include the name of the buyer, address of buyer and contact details.

Customer Order Information:

The information of the goods should be mentioned on the bill of lading. The customer order information includes the customer order number, number of packages, weight and additional shipper information. The total amount of the goods are mentioned in the template. Besides this, carrier information should be mentioned over there.The delivery becomes quite convenient if the process is followed quite professionally.

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Bill of lading template


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Bill of lading template


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