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Billing Statement Invoice Template

What is Billing Statement Invoice?

The billing statement invoice is an important official document which is used for the general billing, customer account management and for tracking the invoice. This statement contains the various aspects of the billing invoice in the form of columns. It records the details of the invoice which can be tracked when required.

Company Details:

Billing statement invoice can be personalized by adding the company details to it. It has the slot for mentioning the name of the company and details of it such as phone number, fax number, address, and email ID. In addition to this, the company logo can be added to make it more professional.

Elements of the Billing Statement Invoice:

The more professional a billing statement is, the more powerful impact of the company would be reflected. The column that records the mandatory aspects of billing invoice includes the invoice number, description of invoices mentioned on the statement, respective date of all invoices, type of invoice, amount of each invoice, payment, and balance.

Payment Column:

This column depicts the information regarding the payments that are received from respective customers. Present column records the details of it. Amounts is used for depicting the invoices, fees, and charges that are billed to the customer. One can even put down the negative values here in case of refunds and for the credits which are not payments.

Invoice Tracking:

Invoice column is specially designed for the purpose of invoice tracking. Mention the invoice number correctly along the description of payments and its amount. The whole account activity of a specified duration can be entered easily in the template. This billing invoice statement mentions the duration for which the entries are being made.

Billing Statement Invoice in Excel Format:

Get your hands on the template by simply downloading it from here. We believe in to design the official documents having all the mandatory elements in it.

  • EXCEL file format: Fill all details regarding the billing in the spreadsheet.
  • Printable spreadsheet: Input the information and get it printed.
  • Free Sample: It contains no entries so that you can add yours.
  • Intuitive layout: Enjoy the professional layout for office use.
  • Customizable: Edit it according to the need of company and policies.


Billing Statement Invoice Template


Billing statement invoice


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