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Billing Statement Templates

What is a billing statement template?

For the industrial companies or sellers, it is important to have the billing statement template as it facilitates them for management of customer account and invoice tracking. It keeps the record of every transaction that has been made by the company. The invoice number, the amount paid, customer detail etc. can be tracked easily when the record is maintained.

A billing statement is indeed a presenting tool which is required for every transaction that is made between the customer and seller when they agree to the said payments by finding it favorable to both of them, based on the services or consumer products. This summarized bill is sent to all the customers by the creditor each month.

What are the benefits of professionally designed billing statement template?

We design the billing statement template quite professionally by keeping in mind all the mandatory aspects which need to be mentioned. As it is designed professionally so a large number of people can easily get marvelous advantage from it as it can effectively guide the people regarding the use of it. You can edit it the way you want.

The super-resolution range of this template let you get the excellent printout of it. It is quite easy and simple to use. You do not need to be an expert of Excel for using it.

What details does the billing statement template contain?

The billing statement template contains the company name, company logo, fax, address and contact number. In addition to the rudimentary details of the company, it involves the billing statement details such as customer name, customer ID, customer’s address, his contact number and the period of invoice. Besides this, the necessary details of payments and adjustments are mentioned such as the description of payment and the balance regarding that. It represents the individual transactions and the balance as well.


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