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Bulk Purchase Depreciation Calculator

Both assets and liabilities are the part and parcel of a company. Assets are the objects or elements which are bought for the benefit of the company. Almost all sorts of assets have to experience depreciation with the passage of time. Depreciation is the reduction in value with time.

The bulk purchase depreciation calculator is an automatic approach which eases the working of accountants and financial professionals. The manual calculation of depreciation is a risky and tiresome job. Using the bulk purchase depreciation calculator is a professional approach which saves much of the time while ensuring accuracy.


The date on which the information is being filled in the template should be mentioned clearly. Consider mentioning the complete detail as it facilitates the record keeping.

Company Details:

The company for which the depreciation calculator is being used should be mentioned. Likewise, the company logo along with other contact details such as email ID, fax number, address and contact number should be mentioned.


This confidential document contains the book value and fair market value on it. Assets may be tangible and intangible. Mention the asset details such as cash, accounts receivable, inventory, land, building, vehicles, machinery, furniture, fixtures, goodwill and other tangibles.


Just like the assets, liabilities should be mentioned on the calculator. It includes the account payable, accrued expenses and long-term liabilities. This calculator lets you calculate the significance of assets. It aids in preparing financial statements of the business. Financial and accounting department is responsible for preparing and maintaining the accounts of the company.

About Template

A professionally designed bulk purchase depreciation calculator is the one which contains all the mandatory elements in it. Using this calculator is quite easy. All you need to do is to put the values of the assets and liabilities in the respective fields and the value would be calculated automatically through the formula.

  • You can download the file in .zip format.
  • The extension of the file is .xls which can be open using MS Excel of any version.
  • You can print the worksheet once you are done with the data
  • The blank sample is a guide for you to know how to input the data.
  • To make any changes you can edit the data easily.


Bulk purchase depreciation calculator

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