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Bulk Sale Affidavit Template

If you are looking for the legal document which helps you out in selling the business with assets then bulk sale affidavit is the right one.

The bulk sale affidavit declares that the seller or the company has the entire right to transfer the assets or sell it to anybody because the company owes the right to do so.

The company who is the sole owner of the prestigious and renowned business make the best use of bulk sale affidavit in selling the asset or stock.

Although the bulk sale affidavit seems similar to the bill of sale yet there lies some difference in it. These are different from each other as in the bill of sale, the common items such as merchandise, property, vehicle or other products are used for buying and selling. While the bulk sale affidavit is used only for the selling the business or transferring the ownership.

The seller should use the affidavit in order to disclose the list of all unsecured and secured trade creditors.

The name of these creditors, their address, amount of indebtedness, due amount and nature of security should be included in the list.

The buyer should be completely assured that both the unsecured creditors and secured creditors mentioned on the list are paid.

The bulk sale affidavit declares that the business asset is totally free and clear of all the encumbrances and obligations. There is no existing case court, liens, the petition in bankruptcy against the company.

The professionals have designed the bulk sale affidavit in the most efficient way, having all the mandatory details mentioned on it. You just need to follow the simple step in order to keep your hands on this affidavit.

All you need to do is to click on the download button. Fill out the blanks in it as per your needs. It is quite clear to understand and easy to be edited.

No rocket science needs to edit it. Download it by following the mentioned step and edit it conveniently. We design it to provide the maximum facilitation to you. This is the reason that even an undergraduate can use it.


Bulk Sale Affidavit Template


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