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Cash Receipt Template

Dealings will work fine when everything is well documented and planned. For every fair business deal either on the small or large scale, one should maintain complete evidence of what is occurring and implemented. This will help people in present and future. Every deal either it is related to business or personal life, includes a giver and a receiver.

All services and products are being presented to someone who is interested in them and thus a certain amount is attached to it to be paid for a specific period. This is the cash the recipient provides to the payer in return for his services and products. It is the obligation of the receiver to pay the cash on time under the defined terms and conditions for a smooth and healthy deal.

As everything is recorded in an official deal so as the cash paid by the customer and this is called a cash receipt.

Cash receipt is basically a document prepared when cash is received in return for some goods or services one provides to the customer.

It can be received in the form of checks, currency or coins. It depends on what was decided between the two parties. The methods of payment and when it is to be paid is all decided prior to implementation. Some people decide to pay in installments and both the parties decide how many installments will occur.

Cash receipt is a written document that is prepared by the party that provides goods or services and a copy of this receipt is also given to the recipient party who gives the cash.

Cash receipts are formatted differently in different organizations as per their needs and demands. Some include more details about the deal and the transactions other keep the receipt simple. But overall the main purpose of all cash receipts is same.

All major and minor deals are using this feature as it helps to maintain a record and eliminate the chances of any difficulty in the finance department. Cash receipts are prepared when there is any sale of product or service. A typical cash receipt includes the following:

  • The date when cash is being received by the company.
  • The transaction or the serial number.
  • The name of the person or company from whom you have received the cash. It may include several customers.
  • The name of the bank or account in which you have received your cash payment from the customer.
  • There are various forms of paying like checks, currency or coins so a point in cash receipt is there to identify the check number if the customer is paying his bill by means of checks.
  • The total amount received from the customer is written down for clarification.

These are few points included in a cash receipt and it may differ if the receipt is prepared differently according to standards adopted by specific businesses. The cash receipt has the signature on it for evidence and official work. This identifies that the cash is received under applied terms and conditions by the authorized company.


Cash receipt template


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