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Subsequent Letter of Representative Visit

Clearing Agents Letters

Letter to Clearing Agent for taking Goods Date: 00/00/0000 Dear Sir, Please arrange to collect five wooden boxes containing nail and screws us for sending the same to: M/s Hadi and Brothers, City, State, Zip Postal Code Through goods train, Please deliver us the necessary

Offering Services of an Agent

Offering Services of an Agent

Offering Services of an Agent Hadi and Brothers Clearing & Forwarding Agents, Address City, State, Zip Postal Code Ref. No.ML/1825 Date: 00/00/0000 M/s Hameez and Co Address City, State, Zip Postal Code Dear Sirs, It gives us pleasure in informing you that we are the

Freight Forwarding Terms Letter

Clearing and Forwarding Agents Proposal Letters

Meeting Request Letter for Business Representatives Date: 00/00/0000 Dear Sirs, We have a large number of in and out parcels every day. We shall appreciate your sending one of your representatives to discuss with us regarding services rendered by you and your rates etc. for

Credit Request Letter to Freight Forwarding Agent

Business Recommendation Letters with Reply

Credit Request Letter to Freight Forwarding Agent Hadi & Bros, Address City, State, Zip Postal Code Private and Confidential Date: 00/00/0000 M/s. Star Traders Address City, State, Zip Postal Code Dear Sirs, M/s Hadi and Bros, [City, State], has placed an order worth $ 25,000

Request for Contractor Recommendation Letter

Introduction and Recommendation Letters

Introducing a Business Friend Date: 00/00/0000 Dear Mr. XYZ, I have great pleasure in introducing to you, the bearer of this letter, Mr. XYZ, of the well know firm of XYZ & Sons Ltd., [Address, City, State], who is visiting Oslo to take up a

Offering Trade Recommendation Letter

Trade Recommendation Letters

Referring to the Trade Reference Letter Date: day/month/year Confidential Dear Sirs, M/s Hadi of Amsterdam have pleased an order with us for goods valuing $ 68,000 and have your name as one of the references .we shall be grateful for any information you give to

Lawyer Notice Regarding Payment

Miscellaneous Payment Letters

Lawyer Notice Regarding Payment REGD, A.D Mr. Moeez Advocate Date: day/month/year M/S: Hameez Trading Co. Dear Sirs, Under instruction from and on behalf of my clients Mr. Hadi Bros, [City] [State], I write to say as follows: That in compliance with the order placed by

Reminding Letter of Payment

Friendly Reminding Letters of Payment

Reminding letter of Payment Hadi & Co. Address City, State, Zip Postal Code Date: 00/00/0000 Messrs: Hameez Traders Address City, State, Zip Postal Code Dear Sirs, While going through our records we find that we have not received payment of our statement of account no.

Sending Part Payment Letter

Payment and Collection Letters

Whatever is the reason for the delay in payment, it is bound to be a source of annoyance to the supplier, yet, and it is in supplier’s own interest not to vomit this annoyance in his letter. Unless the buyer expects statements of account, a

Complaint letter about poor service provider

Complaint Letter to Supplier for Poor Service

Complaint to Supplier about Shortage of Goods Hameez and Co. Address City, State, Province Zip Postal Code Date: Day/Month/Year Messrs: Moeez and Brothers Address City, State, Province Zip Postal Code Dear Sirs, Our Agents M/s Abdul Hadi & Co. have today delivered us eight cases

Letter to Landlord to Reduce Shop Rent

Letter To Landlord To Reduce Shop Rent

Letter to landlord to reduce shop rent is a significant request letter which depicts the problems of a shopkeeper. It represents the poor business condition of the shopkeeper. Establishing a business is easy but running is quite tough. Rental shops usually have to experience the

Leave request email to boss

Leave Request Email to Boss

Do you want to take a leave from the job and feeling difficulty in writing the text? No worries at all! We believe in making you feel relaxed and comfortable by sorting out this problem. Taking leaves is one of the basic needs of employees.