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Credit Request Letter to Freight Forwarding Agent

Business Recommendation Letters with Reply

Credit Request Letter to Freight Forwarding Agent Hadi & Bros, Address City, State, Zip Postal Code Private and Confidential Date: 00/00/0000 M/s. Star Traders Address City, State, Zip Postal Code Dear Sirs, M/s Hadi and Bros, [City, State], has placed an order worth $ 25,000

Employee Overtime Record Sheet

Employee Overtime Record Sheet

Getting the profit is the main aim of every business. Companies hire a number of employees as per their need. Employees have to work their duty hours in order to become eligible for getting a salary. When all employees work for their specified hours, which

Promissory Note Template

Promissory Note Templates

What is the Promissory Note Template? The promissory note template is a legal document which is of extreme importance. It is basically an agreement between the debtor and money lender. It can be considered as a financial instrument which guarantees that the debtor would pay

MS Excel Expense Claim Form Template

Expense Claim Forms

What is Expense Claim Form? An expense claim form is a detailed form having the information regarding the expenses which the finance department approves or disapproves. Any sort of expense which the company has to bear regarding the lunch, meeting, traveling, refreshment, repairing etc. The