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Claim for Reimbursement Expenditures form

When a company wants to speed up its operations it hires new employees for that. In many cases, the company reimburses the expenses made by these employees for the business. The expense made by the employee can be of any type such as for:

  • Office supplies
  • Office equipment
  • Business travel
  • Medicare
  • Business dinner
  • Auto mileage

The company has to pay back these expenses no matter how big or small it is. It is a way of compensating the employee financially. Forgetting this compensation the employee needs to fill out a reimbursement form.

It is an official document stating the reason for reimbursement as well as the amount that has to be paid back. It is filled by that employee or the person who made the expenses directly on behalf of the company.

Before submission, it is necessary that this form is duly signed by both the employer as well as the manager of the company. Once it is submitted and approved by the higher authorities the reimbursement is distributed according to the rules and regulations of the company and laws made by the government.

However, we provide here the templates that can be used directly as reimbursement forms. All these templates are made according to the rules of the government and have the following points:

  • Space is provided for writing the name of the employee and his position in the company
  • The section is made for writing the name of the manager of the company
  • A table is provided with further 4 divisions. The person is asked to write the date with the complete description of why was it necessary to make that expense and of what type it was. Next to it the category it falls under and the complete cost is mentioned.
  • Below the tablespace is provided for the signatures of the employee and the manager of the company.
  • In some of the provided templates section is specifically made for writing the rules and regulations under which this reimbursement would be carried out.

Additionally, all these templates are made easy to edit this, you can make your own amendments to them. Therefore, there is no need to worry just download one of the templates and get your money back easily.


Claim for Reimbursement Expenditures form


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