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Cleaning Service Price List Template

What is Cleaning Service Price List Template?

The cleaning service price list template is a beneficial template for those businesses who offer retail or cleaning services. The price list varies from business to business. You can simply aware your customers about the charges through this cleaning service price list. So, that they get to know every detail of the services which they are going to hire from you. To mention the price list of the cleaning services is the foundation of service relate business.

Company Name:

The name of the business offering cleaning services should be mentioned in the template. Mention the company logo too in order to customize your template. It leaves a professional impact on the customers.

Price and Quantity:

Mentioning the price of the services is of great concern. It brings ease for both the client and the customer. The cost of all the services such as cleaning the floor, mopping hall, cleaning ceilings, cleaning product details etc need to be mentioned in each category. The number of hours, as well as timing for such services, are displayed in this template.

Important Note:

The field of important note lets you add any additional clause that the business wants to inform the customer in advance. For instance, the cleaning service price list would be charged double between 22:30 to 6:30. If there exists any such clause, then do mention it. It creates a trustworthy relationship between the client and customer. In the business, written facts are much more appreciated than the verbal ones.

Total Amount of Cleaning Service:

At the bottom of the template, do mention the entire charges of the cleaning service. It would avoid any confusions that may arise later on. Make a sum of all the costs and write it clearly. We design cleaning service price list template in the most professional way ever.


Cleaning service price list template


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