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Controllable Time Worksheet

Time management is a very crucial key to success. From students to professors, from doctors to engineers, time is a very important factor to achieve heights in life. With the delay of only one second, a whole army can be killed and the battle can be lost.

Allocating the right time to the right activity is very important. Time is always limited and we will always be short of time. But if we utilize our time well, we can do more in less time. If we learn to take control of our time, we can improve our focus on our work. With the increase in focus, our efficiency also increases.

With the modern-day research in management and improved productivity, new time management techniques are taught and used. List making is a good habit to achieve productivity and manage time. A lot of successful people follow the tip of writing down their tasks every day. It helps to prioritize and manage time accordingly. Time management can be a powerful tool and it instills various good habits in our daily life. Time management improves our decision making as well.

Effective time management helps us remain calm in even situations of panic. Time management helps you take control of your life. Going by the flow is a trait of a dead fish and successful people take control of situations rather than just doing what other people do.

Learning is a lifelong process of doing a monotonous job regularly will make you more lazy and dumb. Learning new skills will not only provide an addition to your resume, it will also become valuable to your employer and your job. Managing time effectively can provide you with opportunities to learn new skills.

Controllable Time Worksheet

A controllable time worksheet is like to do list that we can make every day. You start with the total numbers of hours available to work. We have controllable as well as uncontrollable timings every day. It is better to make a list of the uncontrollable time. It helps you to keep a track of the needed but unproductive activities.

A to-do list can be written down with giving them numbers according to the priority we have for them. Hours should be allocated to all those activities. This way, we will get a total count of the controllable time as well as the uncontrollable, which can help us be more focused and make better decisions.


Controllable time worksheet


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