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Credit Application Worksheet

Running a business successfully is no piece of cake. You have to face several challenges in business every day. It is often observed that dealings in business are often made in a way that allows the beneficiary to get the required items beforehand and the payment for those items is made later. Trust is what matters here as you are not always in the position of providing money right away after you buy an item.

In such a case it is preferred to get the item delivered without paying them for it at that instant. The deal works fine for everyone as both the parties get benefitted by the deal as the seller in return can charge interest on the original price of the item.

An agreement is established for this purpose. This is known as the credit application worksheet. It is known to contain the following aspects:

  • Date of application for credit should be mentioned to keep the dealings transparent.
  • Complete name of the company and its mailing address should be written.
  • Stating the billing address of the company is necessary
  • Shipping address should be mentioned clearly so that the parcel reaches you safe and sound.
  • Details about the bank information for making the payment
  • Business references should be filled as these help you in building the trust between you and the creditor.
  • A place should be left for signature and stamp of both the parties with a date. This is an indication that both the parties agreed on the deal.

We have templates available for you that you can use directly in place of the credit application worksheet. All these templates are made to have all the above mentioned points but with variations in them so that you can choose from these available templates the one that works best for you.

All these templates are user-friendly hence, you can easily make amendments to them and later use them for your cause. Moreover, all these templates are made by the professionals so that they leave a good impression of your company on the other party. Hence browse through all these templates and download the template of your choice.


Credit Application Worksheet


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