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Customer Information Sheets

The customer information sheet is a sheet that is intended to comprise all the mandatory information regarding the customer. It is a method to collection such rudimentary data which can be used when required and found to be the beneficial one. Many of the tops ranked and prestigious companies focus to gather rudimentary information through the customer information sheet as it is one of the secure ways that could help you out at the time of need. Moreover, it can be used to provide the exciting discount policies or many other promotional policies regarding the company so that the loyal customers having interest in such promotional activity would contact the company. Hence, it leads to a source of boosting the business perfectly.

·        Contact no:

Our customer data sheet provides you the option to add the landline number and your personal cell number assuring that you do not miss any upcoming deals offered by the company.

·        Email Id:

The latest method of communication is through email. Almost all of us use email id which surely considered as a symbol of professionalism. You get the latest updates through the email. Our customer information sheet provides you the slot for mentioning the email id on it.

·        Shipping Address:

In case of your Shopify business, the customer information sheet would be the most beneficial one. It allows one to mention their shipping address so that the product reaches directly to their door step. We focus to add all the necessary slots which make it quite easy and convenient for the companies to get the customer information to provide them their rapid service.

·        Customer ID:

The option of customer ID gives each customer a separate identity. You can add the instruction or special comments as per your need.

Customer Information Sheet in MS Word Format:

Download the template(s) by clicking on the button given below and use it the way you want.

EXCEL file format: Fill out the information demanded in the sheet.

Instantly printable: Get an instant print of the sheet after filling it.

Blank sample: Enjoy this to be used when required.

Intuitive design: Highly professional and simple design sheet.

Fully customizable: Add the changes as per your requirement.


Customer Information Sheet Template


Customer Information Sheet


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