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Delivery Invoice

A delivery invoice is a commercial document which is used in businesses around the globe. It is issued by the seller and is presented to the buyer and relates to the sales transaction while holding the details related to the products being delivered, its quantities, and the agreed prices for products among the two parties. Mostly, the document contains the sender’s contact, list of products, and their prices.  A delivery invoice is, in short, a note that a vendor presents to a buyer or the dispatcher of the goods to the receiver.

In today’s growing and rapidly changing business norms, the delivery invoice has become an integral part of the transactions that take place between the seller of products and the buyer of it. Most importantly, it serves as a tool to keep records of the transaction. Both the parties keep a duplicate of this delivery invoice which was dispatched to the receiver of the product by the sender.

The sender, on one hand, can make use of this copy to check if there are any customer complaints or to verify the recipient address if in case the product is not transported in time. The receiver, on the other hand, can reconcile the products received with the ones mentioned on the delivery invoice along with its condition.

The delivery invoice assists the receiver of the parcel as it contains the price and the details of products received. It can work wonders if the buyer wants to claim warranty on the products received. However, the delivery invoice is much more useful to the sender because it is a proof that the customer has received the product.

The best way to make sure that a delivery invoice fulfills all the requirements of a good delivery invoice is to use a template for it. A pre-drafted delivery invoice will make sure that is can check the condition of the things dispatched at the end of transition and it may also contain a unique code which can help in tracking the items delivered. Furthermore, just like the sales invoices, it contains the total amount payable by the buyer against the products.


Delivery Invoice template


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