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Document Log Template

What is Document Log Template?

Documents can be of various types such as multimedia documents, confidential documents, received documents, converted documents and screened documents. Every business wishes to have a record of their documents and want to use the most efficient method for this.

The document log template is the professional method that eases the process of documentation and keeps the perfect record of documents. Accessing such record becomes convenient when the companies prefer to use the document log.

Documentation is surely a vital part not only for business but also for all fields. A document log is a quick way that suits your needs.

Captions of Document Log Template:

The document log template should be designed in the most professional way. The more efficient the document log template would be the more ease it would bring to your business. The mandatory elements of the document log template which should be mentioned are:

Date and Time – Document log having date and time is of great convenience of the business.

Title of Documentation – The title of the document varies from one log sheet to the other.

Type of Document – Do mention the kind of document clearly.

Concerning Department – In a company, there exist various departments such as sales and operation department, marketing department, IT department etc. Mention the concerning department on the template. Indicating the department name eases the company to track the record of a particular department when required.

Dealing Person – The name and details of the dealing person should be mentioned in the template. It involves the name of the person, his designation, and employment ID.

Action Taken – The field of action taken should be mentioned so that one can find out the actions taken by the company in correspondence to the date and time.

Remarks – At the bottom of document log, give the remarks in accordance with the particular document. It can be any remark which indicates that what new steps should be taken or either this outcome of this documentation is a satisfactory one. Whatever the remark it, do mention it in each document log.


Document Log Template



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