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Donor Recognition Form

If you belong to a nonprofit organization who works for the betterment of the people you would know the importance of donations by the generous people. Even if you do not belong to any non-government organization and are running an event for the collection of money or you are part of a campaign you cannot deny the importance of donations you get.

It hence becomes very necessary that the people who are making donations for your cause get recognized for their efforts. There is a form called as donor recognition form used for this purpose. It is a simple document used for collecting details about the donor so that it is easy to keep track of the name of the person and the contribution he has made and honor him in the ceremony held for recognizing the donors for their contributions.

You can make this form all by yourself but this would require time as you might have to search for the layout of the form and the type of questions that should be added into the form for collecting the data correctly.

Other than this you might be worried about the form that you have generated whether it looks professional or not. Forgiving it a professional look you might want to contact a professional but he would charge you an immense amount of money for that.

We here provide you with an easy solution for all these problems. We have ready to use templates available that can be easily used as a donor recognition form. These templates are made with variations hence, providing you with a number of options to choose from. Despite having variation all these templates consist of a basic format which includes:

  • Specifying the type of donation the person wants to make by choosing the right option.
  • The name of the donor. This is purely optional so if a donor wishes for an anonymous donation the organization has to keep his name a secret.
  • The total amount that is being donated to the organization.
  • Credit card details of the donor
  • The contact information of the donor which include complete address, phone number, and email address.


Donor Recognition form


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