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Electrical Work Completion Certificate

If you are an engineer, electrician or an inspector you would probably be familiar with the certificate issued at the end of the project. This is more like a legal document issued by a qualified inspector upon completion of a task.

As this certificate certifies that the project is completed thus, it becomes the responsibility of the inspector to issue this document after he is satisfied with the work. Moreover, the certificate issued would also imply that the work done is up to the mark and hence can be occupied.

If for instance a company was given a task to complete some sort of electrical work in a building. After the company accomplishes the task it would be inspected by a qualified inspector. The inspector would see if the task performed matches the initial agreement held between the two parties. He would also look into the quality of work done and only if he finds the work equivalent to the standards he would issue an electrical work completion certificate.

Following are some basic details that should be made part of a work completion certificate by the parties involved in the project:

  • Certify that installation is complete
  • Start and end date of the project as this indicates if the deadline was met or not
  • Type of the work carried out
  • The amount paid for the work
  • Recommendation for further installation after an interval of how many years
  • Name and address of the principal parties involved
  • Name, sign, and stamp of the authority issuing the certificate
  • Date on which the certificate was issued

Although for government authorities it is compulsory that they use the format provided to them but other jurisdictions have no such restrictions.  They only need to physically inspect the site and issue a work completion certificate to make sure the legal document is released.

Thus, we here provide you with a number of different templates that can be used as work completion certificates to avoid all discrepancies. All these available templates are free to download and are constructed with a varying design and format so that after perusal you can pick the one that best suits your need.


Electrical Work Completion Certificate


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