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Employee Weekly Attendance Sheet

The employee weekly attendance record sheet is a professional template which is used by various organizations and companies because of the facilitation it provides. This attendance record sheet vanishes the problem of employees attendance. Employees mention their attendance on per day basis and the company can have a quick view of it by having a glimpse of the attendance recording sheet. It is a rapid and accessible method for tracking the attendance of the staff.


The week for which the attendance is being considered as mentioned on the employee weekly attendance record sheet. Likewise, mention all the days of the week starting from Monday to Sunday along with the corresponding dates. In each slot of the date, the employees have to mark their attendance status such as the present, absent or leave.

Employee Information:

The worksheet is designed for all the staff. There exists a special place for mentioning the name of the employee. The most professionally designed attendance sheet includes the designation for the employees along with their names. It provides the direction to the employees to mention their attendance in the corresponding slots of their name.  A large number of employees are working in the company. The name of all the employees needs to be mentioned on the sheet.

Total Attendance:

One of the considerations for this record sheet is the sum of all the presents. The company has a record of the number of presents of every employee by viewing the total field. Making manual registers for the attendance of employees depicts unprofessionalism and is cumbersome as well. Hence, the most brilliant way of dealing with attendance is the use of attendance record sheet.

Keep your hands on the most professionally designed weekly attendance record sheet. Get as many prints as you want and start using it in order to get the marvelous outcomes.


Employee weekly attendance sheet template


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